Hey! I'm Arturo Goicochea, a designer working at Microsoft Office. I mainly do interactions, prototyping and product thinking.

My (digital) tools of choice are Sketch and Framer. Iā€™m working on adding (vanilla) JS and React (not as vanilla, I know) to my arsenal. I love thinking on paper and whiteboards. The design process is my friend.

I started learning design and front-end dev on my own around 2005 during high school, and got my first design job at Laboratoria as Lead UX Designer in January 2015.

What happened during that 10 year gap? šŸ˜… Well, back in Lima, Peru I studied industrial engineering in college and worked in jobs ranging from marketing to HR. My unfulfilled creative soul and newborn son in the end pushed me to pursue design.

Mid-2015 my family and I ended up moving to the US. Early 2016 (work permit āœ…), I contracted at a startup (Mazlo, RIP) for a few months, and later landed in Microsoft.

Though I can't share much of my work, find my side projects, essays and thoughts on my Medium Publication.